Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is "Building a servant community seeking to be Christ's hands and heart."

“Building” means we are still creating together, open to new ideas and new people.

“A servant community” means a group of people gathered in a sacred place, committed to serving God by serving the world and building one another up with compassion and joy.

“Seeking to be” means we aren’t perfect or finished, but trying. We are all in process, trying to live into God’s call.

“Christ’s hands and heart” means we want to live out God's love, justice, and mercy in Jesus Christ. We want people to recognize Christ in compassionate action, breaking bread, and challenging destructive systems. We want people to recognize, as Jesus said, that the realm of God is within our hands and hearts.  


Rev. Susan Barnes is our pastor. She may be reached at 406-656-9256 for your pastoral needs. For information on Sunday services or any other needs please contact our church office at 406-656-9256 or email our church secretary.

Pastor Susan
Betty Whiting.

Mary Apple
Organist & Pianist

Betty Whiting
Lead Organist & Pianist



From I-90, take the King Avenue exit and go west to 24th Street;
Turn right on 24th street and proceed north past Central Ave.;
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is on the left.

From Grand Avenue, turn south on 24th Street;
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is on the right

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