Sunday Worship
Our worship service is at 11 a.m. September through May. Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible and an accessible restroom is nearby in the Garden Room.

From June through August, we worship at 9:30 a.m.  Childcare is provided during Sunday worship. We celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month. All who profess Christ are welcome to partake of Communion. We serve grape juice and bread, as well as gluten-free crackers, so that everyone can be included.

Our worship service includes singing, a time for children, reading scripture, a sermon and prayer. During the prayers of the people, our church members speak their concerns and their joys. We pray often for the needs of our city, our country, and our world. During the sermon, our pastor leaves the pulpit and speaks conversationally about what the Bible passages have to do with our lives in our time. During the scripture readings, the pastor explains the historical background. In the children’s time, the young people interact in a lively way with the pastor. Our songs, hymns and choir anthems are part of the interpretation of scripture.

Following worship, we serve coffee and treats and gather around tables and trees in the Garden Room to talk with each other and get to know our visitors.

Music is integral to our worship services. Our congregation sings old and new hymns from the 2013 Presbyterian hymnal Glory to God as well as camp songs and Taizé songs. The chancel choir sings every other Sunday and offers one or two concerts each year. During worship, church members and friends offer music on organ, piano, guitar, French horn, recorder or harp.

Communion is the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. When we celebrate communion together, we thank God for the blessings of God and are made one with Christ and with each other through the work of the Spirit. At this table we remember the unity with the larger church and are renewed to commit ourselves afresh to love and serve God, one another, and Christ in all persons.

Communion is served the first Sunday of every month. We serve grape juice, bread, and gluten-free crackers. Presbyterians believe in an open table, where all people who profess Christ are welcome. Children who have permission of parents may participate in the sacrament.

St. Andrew's Taizé services are held September through May on third Saturday of the month at 6 p.m. We offer communion at each service. We serve by intinction, where worshippers tear off bread and dip it into a common cup. Gluten-free crackers and a separate cup are available on the communion table for people with gluten sensitivities.

Taizé, is a community and pilgrimage site in France where people join in prayer and share in an effort to become peacemakers in their neighborhoods, cities or villages.

A Taizé service invites prayer through silence, songs, scripture and contemplation. Taizé songs are based on simple repeated phrases.

Ours is a classical, or seven circuit labyrinth, which means it has seven circles which connected together create one path. A labyrinth is designed to allow walkers to meditate as they move along the path in a relaxed way, mindful of their steps. However, some people need to dance or run part of the way before they are prepared to be soothed by the labyrinth. Please be considerate of others who are also walking the labyrinth and let them walk in silence. Once you arrive in the center feel free to sit on the benches and continue your meditation and prayers. You may want to let the sounds from the neighborhood and streets guide your prayers and pray for the well-being of the city. The return trip out is just as important as the entrance. Let the journey prepare you for the rest of your day or the week ahead.
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Lectionary and Devotions
Lectionary readings provide a disciplined way to read through the Bible. Devotions are resources for daily prayer and meditation.

Sermon Recordings
Audio recordings of past sermons are available by clicking here.